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Andaluz Company


The Andaluz Accessibility Company launched its operations in 2004 and currently has a large portfolio of more than 1,000 customers in Brazil and abroad. The company core business is to market accessibility products and services to attend people with visual disability through of tactile signage for flooring that can be in sheets or in individual elements and also other product lines including tactile signage in Braille, visual communication items and accessories to adapt environments. With a constant focus on improving manufacturing processes and the raw materials innovation and development, the Andaluz Company offers a range of products that strictly meet the Federal Law n. 5296/04 and NBR 9050 regulating the accessibility standards in the country.


About Andaluz

In order to attend the customers’ needs in obtaining projects and high performance accessibility materials and services, the Andaluz incorporated in 2013 the ACCESSO Consulting and Architecture Projects in accessibility, to promote expertise and to improve their market solutions. Nowadays, the ACCESSO is part of the Andaluz Group and has its own expertise and business management to handle the contracts and commercial proposals respecting the ethic in serving customers seeking specialized services such as evaluation of projects and works in progress, and also the business consultancy of accessibility in current buildings and support projects performed by architectural offices, allowing in partnership with these companies, regarding technical and regulatory requirements on accessibility.


Quality Policy

Providing high performance products and services to attend our customer and end-customers needs, throughout our best practices, combining sustainably, durability, practicality and innovation seeking for a continuous improvement of our quality system and materials development.


Offer products and services with the highest quality and that are within the country accessibility guidelines ensuring safety conditions to people with visual disability.


To be reference and to assure the expertise in the accessibility segment as a company that supports the pillars of innovation, technology and offer solutions that meets the people with visual disability needs and the social sustainability.


Uncompromising honesty and integrity in everything we do and always using a clear and accurate communication with the society and all our customer reflecting the highest standards of ethics and responsibility.


We believe in our employees’ diverse talents, initiative and leadership. We encourage the participation of each employee to generate and develop ideas to support the company’s values of continuing pursuit of excellence. We value the integrity and ethical standards in the conduct of our business, incorporating the sense of community and civil liability involving our employees and stakeholders.

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Welcome to Andaluz Accessibility, one of the most important companies that manufactures products to attend people with visual disability. Our success would not happen without the talent and skills of our employees in offer specialized services to our customers.

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The Andaluz Company prioritizes the respect, the society and the business environment in the ongoing development of its products and the constant market search and best practices bench market to developed composites that minimize environmental impact. Continuous actions are planned and implemented by all employees to assure production and time savings, meeting the quality requirements and innovation of the end product. As a result of these actions the Andaluz Company offers standardized products, recyclable and a range of accessibility solutions.

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