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Shopping Anália Franco

Shopping Anália Franco mall has a wide range of shops and services and also stands out for architectural design.

Universidade Anhanguera

Anhanguera is one of the biggest private university worldwide, considering the number of students and offers higher education courses recognized by MEC.

Arena Amazônia

Located in Manaus the Amazonia Arena has 42,377,000 seats covered and received four games of the first round of the World Cup 2014 FIFA.

Arena Fonte Nova

Located in Salvador the Fonte Nova Arena has 50,000 covered seats, premium cabins and received four games of the World Cup FIFA 2014.

Arena Pernambuco

Located in Recife the Pernambuco Arena has 46,154,000 seats and received four games of the first round of the World Cup 2014 FIFA.

Banco do Brasil

The Brazil bank was the first bank operating in the country and today is the largest financial institution in Brazil.

Banco Bradesco

Bradesco bank is one of the private financial market leaders and one of the largest employers in the category.

Estádio Nacional Mané Garrincha

Located in Brasilia the Mané Garrincha Arena has 71,400 covered seats, premium cabins and received seven games of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Banco Caixa Econômica Federal

Built in 1861 the CAIXA bank is the main agent of public policies of the federal government and the largest public bank in Latin America.

Construtora Camargo Corrêa

For more than 70 years Camargo Corrrêa is one of the biggest infrastructure group operating in 20 countries and employing 57,000 people.

Shopping Eldorado

Shopping Eldorado opened in September 1981 and was the third mall in Sao Paulo and receives qualified shoppers.

Shopping Higienópolis

In the heart of the São Paulo city, the Higienópolis mall has been designed in modern concepts that mix trade and supply of culture and different leisure.

Banco HSBC

The HSBC Group employs more than 284,000 employees and serves over 125 million customers worldwide.

Aeroporto Internacional de Congonhas

Congonhas aeroport is one of the main airports in the world, and the second busiest in Brazil.

Aeroporto Internacional de Viracopos-Campinas

Located in Campinas, one of the most important technological centers in the country, the Viracopos Airport is the most significant Infraero investment.


Marisa is a solid clothes store that always seeking for innovation in its product mix and concept stores.

Metrô – São Paulo

Operating for more than 35 years, the São Paulo Metro has 78,8 km long in 6 lines and 67 stations, and is main public transportation of thousands people.

Shopping Morumbi

More than 10 million shoppers a year visiting the Morumbi Shopping, one of the largest and main shopping centers of São Paulo city.

Construtora Odebrecht

Odebrecht is a multinational infrastructure leader company, with diversified business in the market segment.

Construtora Racional

Founded in 1971, the Rational core business is in the Engineering and Construction market and has strong activity in the whole country.


Banco Santander

The Santander Group is the fourth largest bank in profits and eighth by market capitalization.


The SESC is an excellent alternative for the population education services, health, culture, leisure and tour of the country.

Metrô – Porto Alegre

Carrying around 170,000 users per day, the Porto Alegre metro has 17 stations, totaling 33.8 kilometers in length.

Universidade UNINOVE

The UNINOVE has a several campus and attends more than 100 thousand students from children’s education to post graduation.


Universidade UNIP

With more than 130,000 students across the country the UNIP is considered one of the most reputable and structured universities in Brazil.

Shopping Vila Lobos

A selected mix of shops and restaurants in the Vila Lobos mall makes it a prime area in Pinheiros neighborhood, São Paulo, SP.

Shopping West Plaza

This Shopping has a large wooded boulevard and three large blocks interconnected by glass walkways.

Construtora W Torres

In almost 30 years of operation, WTORRE becames one of the most important business groups in real estate industry, with complete and innovative solutions.

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