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Concrete Tiles – Directional


The concrete tactile ground surface hazard indicators are used to warn visually impaired people in their route in indoor and outdoor environment. The most commonly used sizes are 25cm x 25cm and can be manufactured in different measures as 30cmx30cm and 40cm x 40cm considering a minimum order quantity and commercial proposals. The products are offered in several colors. They are directly setting to the subfloor.

Directional Indicator (NBR 9050)

Thedirectionalindicatorisorientedinlinewiththeprescribeddirectionoftravel. They are installed to safely lead pedestrians along an intended pathway free of obstacles and will often terminate at a pad of warning tactile indicators.

Technical Datasheet

Brand: Andaluz
Composition: Cement and Sand
Format: Tactile ground surface tiles with directional rows
Measures: 25cm X 25cm
Dimensions: thickness – 20mm chamfered
• For more technical references, please download the ABNT NBR 9050.


Colors: black, blue, yellow, grey, red
Weight: 2,850 kg
Fastening: cut, demot and prepare subfloor

Product related files

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