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Individual Tactile Raised Bars – Directional


The individual tactile raised bars ground surface indicators are installed to the walking surface, oriented in line with the prescribed direction of travel used to warn visually impaired people of a nearby hazard in indoor environment such as hotels, shopping, commercial buildings, banking agencies and others. The main features of this line are the aesthetic and application gains because they promote less visual impact and ease the different fastening system. The most common size is 25cm X 25cm and products are offered in diverse colors that meet the signaling requirements and visual programming environments.

Directional Indicator (NBR 9050)

The directional indicator is oriented in line with the prescribed direction of travel. They are installed to safely lead pedestrians along an intended pathway free of obstacles and will often terminate at a pad of warning tactile indicators.

Technical Datasheet

Brand: Andaluz
Composition: Nylon and Metalic Substrate
Format: Tactile ground surface directional raised bars
Measures: 23cm X 3cm (each bar)
Dimensions: raised thickness – 4,1mm chanfered
• For more technical references, please download the ABNT NBR 9050.


Colors: black, blue, yellow, grey, silver, silver and metalic substrate
*Check availability in stock and minimum quantity for special colors
Fastening: 3M tape or contact adhesives for industrial requerments. application guide
*For adhesives technical specification, please contact our sales department

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