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Polyester Tiles – Hazard


The polyester tactile ground surface hazard indicators are used to warn visually impaired people in their route in indoor and outdoor environment. The TPU composite material base is mostly used for environments that require high aesthetic performance and material physical resistance, in addition to durability and easily installation. The most common size is 25cm X 25cm and products are offered in several colors that meet the layout, design and signaling requirements.

Hazard Indicator (NBR 9050)

The hazard indicator is indicated for indoor and outdoor areas warning of hazards and directional information such as such as intersection kerb ramps, pedestrian crossings, stairs, lifts, ramps, escalators and telephones booths.

Technical Datasheet

Brand: Andaluz
Composition: Polyester
Format: Tactile ground surface tiles with hazard warning domes and slip resistant surface
Measures: 25cm X 25cm
Dimensions: thickness: 2mm chanfered
• For more technical references, please download the ABNT NBR 9050.


Colors: black, blue, yellow, grey, red
*Check availability in stock and minimum quantity for special colors
Finishing: UV treatment
*When installed in outdoor environments that require weathering resistance
Fastening: 3M tape or contatc adhesives for industrial requerments
*For adhesives technical specification, please contact our sales department

Product related files

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