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PVC Tiles – Directional


The PVC tactile bars ground surface indicators are installed to the walking surface, oriented in line with the prescribed direction of travel used to warn visually impaired people of a nearby hazard. The most common size is 25cm x 25cm and the main features of this product line are the bonded method in irregular surfaces and a several color mix that meets the technical requirements of visual contrast and environmental settings that doesn’t need a high performance fixture and esthetic gains.

Directional Indicator (NBR 9050)

Thedirectionalindicatorisorientedinlinewiththeprescribeddirectionoftravel. They are installed to safely lead pedestrians along an intended pathway free of obstacles and will often terminate at a pad of warning tactile indicators.

Technical Datasheet

Brand: Andaluz
Composition: PVC
Format: Tactile ground surface tiles with directional rows
Measures: 25cm X 25cm
Dimensions: thickness: 2mm chamfered
• For more technical references, please download the ABNT NBR 9050.


Cores: black, blue, yellow, grey, red
*Check availability in stock and minimum quantity for special colors
Finishing: UV treatment
*When installed in outdoor environments that require weathering resistance
Fastening: contact adhesives for industrial requeriments
*For Adhesives Technical specification, please contact our sales department

Product related files

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