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Developed with the high performance technology, the Andaluz accessibility company offers a range of products that strictly meets the Federal Law n. 5296/04 and NBR 9050 regulating the accessibility standards in our country. Among the main advantages of tactile signage product line for flooring, the Andaluz Company has a diversified chemical fastening systems that promote good adhesion on different types of floor and material durability in the upper five times more as compared to traditional products in the marketplace. Also feature waterproof characteristics, have small non-slip points that allow more security to the user, and in addition it is possible to reuse some polyester materials. Other products complete the portfolio of Andaluz solutions such as the tactile signage in Braille and visual communication products. The Andaluz Accessibility group has a highly qualified team for installation and development of various accessibility projects.

Metal Tiles – Hazard
PVC Tiles – Hazard
PVC Tiles – Directional
PVC Grout Tiles – Hazard
PVC Grout Tiles – Directional
Concrete Tiles – Hazard
Concrete Tiles – Directional
Ceramic Porcelain Tiles – Hazard
Ceramic Porcelain Tiles – Directional
Polyester Tiles – Hazard
Polyester Tiles – Directional
Individual Tactile Raised Dots – Hazard
Individual Tactile Raised Bars – Directional
Individual Tactile Rivet Dots – Hazard
Individual Tactile Rivet Bars – Directional
(ISA) International Symbol Of Access
Safety / Emergency Signage
Tactile Map Directory
Tactile Electronic Map Directory
Reserved Parking Signage
Braille for Handrail
Braille for Elevators
Handrail Ring
Strips for Staircase and Steps
Grab Bars to Toilets
Visual and Sound Alarm for Toilets
Application Guide – Hazard
Application Guide – Directional
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